Think you are too young to need Life Insurance? Think again …

By Mike Hoskins | April 19, 2024 |

Many young people do not think about the importance of life insurance or whether it is something they need to add to their financial plan.  That is probably because the concept of illness or mortality is not top of mind at that stage of life.  But death can be sudden, and preparing for the unexpected…

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How Does Cyber Security Affect My Dinner Tonight?

By Mike Hoskins | February 9, 2022 |
How does Cyber security effect my dinner tonight?

As one walks through rows of corn on a beautiful summer day, rides in the cab of tractor combining fields, breathes in the smells of a delivery to the local granary, or shops in the local smokehouse and butcher shop for this week’s dinners, there is often little thought or concern given to how a…

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