About Country Harbor Agency

Country Harbor Agency was created when two career industry professionals came together after a couple years of planning to develop an Agency aimed at providing the Commercial Agriculture, Farm, and Agriculture related industries with a robust line of products to help meet their insurance needs. The Agency then expanded its reach into other industries and now serves a large mix of Agriculture, Commercial Business, and Personal Lines insureds.

At Country Harbor Agency, our mission is to be the trusted partner for those navigating the complex world of insurance.  We believe in bringing a down-to-earth, relatable approach to insurance services, making them accessible and understandable to everyone.  Our commitment is to provide quality coverage at efficient cost measures, meeting the needs of our insureds, and protecting what matters most to them.  We foster a sense of community and inclusivity, building relationships based on trust and empathy.  With our straightforward and honest approach, we aim to simplify the insurance process and guide our clients through every step of the journey.

Working together we will find solutions to address your insurance coverage needs.

Tracy & Lisa in TN

Tracy J. Ostrander

Commercial Agriculture & Farm Agent
Over the last 15 years of building an insurance business, I have found that I do not spend my time in the drudgery of a JOB as some people do. Instead, I am blessed to be able to help and spend time with insureds who later become extended family, friends, and neighbors in a different setting every day. Sometimes, I find myself in a meat processing facility looking at the latest technology and tools. Other days, I find myself walking on a farm that has been in a family for over 5 generations, walking through a grain elevator operation, or walking through a feed mill that supports many farmers and the community. Every day is a new and exciting adventure for me. Many of our insureds either know or have heard about my wife of 35 years, Lisa, and my three daughters - Morgan, Madison, and Emmy. Some have even had the pleasure of meeting Lisa's father, Bob, who wants to see what my office looks like for the day as we stop by a farm or a commercial business on a Saturday and visit with the owners. I look forward to the next opportunity to introduce myself to a new extended family member, a neighbor, or somebody that has put their trust in me. I have experience in many different areas of insurance and related products. After looking around our webpage, call me to discuss anything from protecting your business, homes, or autos to protecting your loved ones and creating a safety net should you encounter a life changing event. We will determine what YOU find to be your most important insurance needs or maybe discuss some things that have nothing to do with insurance. My promise to you and everyone that I encounter is honesty and giving you the most I can with the guidance of my faith in Jesus Christ.
Serena Neubacher-Headshot-3

Serena Neubacher

With over fifteen years of experience in the insurance industry, Serena has worn many hats. Her journey started with a degree in Building Construction Management from Michigan State University where she then delved into claims adjusting, underwriting, and auditing with a regional insurance carrier. Now, as a Property and Casualty insurance agent, she is dedicated to helping others protect what matters most in life. Beyond the world of insurance, you will find Serena embracing her passions. Whether cruising the open waters as an avid boater, crafting delicious dishes, playing guitar, or proudly cheering at her son's ice hockey games, she is all in. At home, her furry companions - a couple of cats and a loyal dog - keep her on her toes. Above all, her true passion lies in serving others. She believes in the power of insurance not just as a safety net but as a means to empower individuals and families to pursue their dreams with confidence. Whether you are protecting your home, your vehicle, or your business, Serena is with you every step of the way.
Mike Hoskins, Agriculture insurance agent, in alaska

Mike Hoskins

Business Development Manager
Having grown up in the countryside of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Mike learned a lot about life in the classroom of the outdoors. Although he did not grow up on a farm, he was surrounded by them and grew to appreciate the work ethic learned from summers bailing hay and the satisfaction of being able to back up a double-hitch hay wagon. Mike comes to Country Harbor as a 2nd career, having spent his 1st career of 27 years in the Commercial & Residential real estate title insurance arena. Mike enjoys hunting, fishing, reading, spending time with his wife of 33 years, Cindy, hearing stories from his children, Ben and Shelby, who are Pilots, and listening to his son, Jacob, play the trumpet. With a relaxed, casual approach to life, Mike always has time to hear a story or to listen to a current or future insured discuss how Country Harbor can meet their insurance needs.
Bio Pic

Abby Mays

Customer Service Representative & Agent
Abby Mays joined Country Harbor in early 2022 bringing 7 years of industry experience with her.  Along with being a licensed agent, Abby also reviews new policies and renewals for underwriting submission while enjoying helping insureds adjust their current policy coverages to meet their changing needs.  Having grown up in the farming community, Abby was active in 4H and continues to stay active with the family sugar bush and other family businesses.  Abby now also shares her love for adventuring outdoors with her husband and 2 young children.  Despite the full schedule that Abby carries, she carves out some free time to volunteer at the local high school, coaching and playing volleyball.